Welcome to Derma Care - India's Largest Laser Center

Derma-Care Laser center, one of indias largest centre in Mangalore, South India.The client boasts of 4,000 sq feet of exclusive space housing
eight different laseres with multiple functions from skin rejuvenation to surgical application to scars, tattoos, freckles, moles, acne and hair
removal it also offers advanced phototherapy care for chronic distressing skin conditions such as
Psoriasis, vitiligo and atopic dermatits

Derma-Care cateres to the growing cosmatically conscious population which is primarily from Karnataka, Kerala, Mumbai, and Gulf countries


Mr PNC MENON - Chairman & Founder of Sobha Group

DR. GANESH S. PAIThe Medical Director, Derma-Care

Dr. Ganesh S. Pai MD., D.V.D.,FAAD.,is the Medical Director, DERMA-CARE, Skin and Cosmetology Centre and is a consultant in Dermatology and Cosmetic Care for the past 37 years in Mangalore, Karnataka, INDIA. Derma Care is one of the largest integrated laser centre in India.Dr. Pai is a pioneer in the use of various lasers for pigment, skin rejuvenation, moles, tattoos, freckles, wrinkles, acne, acne scars & hair removal in skin of colour.

He finished his Masters in Dermatology in 1981 and was professor at the Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore for 20 years. He was Director, Professor & Head of Department of Dermatology at K.S.Hegde Medical College, Mangalore. He was the President of the Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologists (IADV&L) in the year 2000.

Cosmetic Treatments


Moles are removed with the 1064 Q-Switch laser. They are selectively targeted with a stream of laserpulses.

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Skin Rejuvenation

We use three laser and light technologies withi 60 days and a 360 degree turn around in the skin colour,texture, tone and laxity

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Freckles are a very common problem and many patients have them from an early age. Often they tend to run in families.

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Undereye dark circles, dark pigmentation of the upper eyelid and wrinkles are a common condition which can be treated with the use of Pixel Erbium Laser.

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Different types of scars like, Accident scars, Chicken Pox Scars and Burn Scars can be treated using UltraPulse Laser.

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Pigmentation caused by external irritants such as acids, alkaline or rubbing of ayurvedic preparations is easily removed.

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Skin Tightning

As we age we develop fine lines, deep wrinkles and texture irregularities.

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Botox injections are given at Derma-Care for the management of dynamic wrinkles, crows feet and fine lines of the face.

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Meet Us at Derma Care

Dr. Anusha Pai

Consultant Dermatologist

Dr. Harsha Pai

Consultant Ophthalmologist

Dr. Hema Mallya

Consultant Gynecologist

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Doctor’s Testimonials

To start I had a great experience at Derma care. It has been a true learning experience; practical workshops have added the experience .I am very grateful to Dr.Ganesh Pai and his team for conducting such a valuable programme.

Mrs. Nilu Taore,
Owner of Avana cosmetic and laser clinics
Auckland, New Zealand

I am very happy to be part of this 2 weeks world class cosmetology clinic. My sincere thanks to wonderful human being Dr. Ganesh Pai. I acknowledge the role of sir, who mould me & help me to find myself in that process.

Dr. Ritu Rana Saoji,
Saoji Hospital,